Organic Tapovana:

As the name suggests, it is the virtual online store to buy all the organic food products, naturally produced items and all other health related stuffs required for our well being and longevity.Organic Tapovana is the direct marketing tool of POFA (Pasumai Organic Farmers Association) where the organic vegetables, fruits and other groceries are procured directly from farmers.

Our Mission:

Every morsel of food and sip of water we consume is important for day today life. But for decades our food and water have been contaminated by powerful and harmful pesticides which have been promoted as necessary for better agriculture output. Organic Tapovana has its own divine purity in its products to serve the mankind. The main mottos of organic Tapovana are

  • To serve the people with pure and hygienic vegetables, fruits ,milk and food products of superior quality which are completely free from harmful chemicals.
  • To create awareness among people and to make them realize that food is the basic thing which need to be concentrated more for health rather than medicine.
  • To make a feel that “Food is medicine and Medicine is not food”. Today when the word ” Health ” is uttered, the word “Medicine” follows.
  • To cultivate Organic and natural vegetables, fruits, rice, cereals and pulses by traditional methods without disturbing the eco system.
  • POFA (Pasumai Organic Farmers Association)
  • POFA is an organization for small farmers formed by Organic Tapovana. POFA includes organic farmers and their families who cultivate organic farm outputs like Green leaves, Vegetables, Fruits, Rice and other essential needs for day to day life. Organic Tapovana trains farmers in organic farming methods and also helps them in marketing their farm products. Organic Tapovana supports these farmers who are below the poverty lines and strive for their day to day earnings.

Activities :

  • Organic Tapovana identifies small and tiny farmers who are in the verge of loss and depression due to their existing CHEMICAL farming conditions.
  • Organic Tapovana encourages the organic farmers by marketing the farm products cultivated by them.
  • Organic Tapovana teaches and motivates the POFA farmers in to organic and sustainable farming.
  • Organic Tapovana gives seeds and saplings at free of cost to reduce the capital expenditure of the farmers.
  • Organic Tapovana provides free transportation and logistics for the produced goods such that the farmers get maximum profit.
  • Organic Tapovana also encourages farmers to breed country cows for organic manure and milk.
  • Organic Tapovana provides input to the farmers for preparation of Panchagavya, Jeevamirtha, Herbal insecticides and Earth worm manure.
  • Organic Tapovana takes steps to give education and prosperity to the association farmer’s children as service to mankind (Free clothes, uniforms, notebooks and other essential needs).
  • Organic Tapovana holds the hands of small and marginal farmers by supporting them in all the ways that is possible.


“Each Penny you spend to buy a product from Organic Tapovana gives light and prosperity to a small organic farmer’s family”