Terms and Conditions

Delivery : All Organic vegetables, fruits and groceries ordered till 11. AM will be delivered the same day. Whereas order placed after 11. AM shall be delivered the next day between 11 AM and 6 PM.

Price : Prices of all Organic vegetables, fruits and greens / spinach are subject to change based on the market conditions  without notice. In case of considerable change in price between the order day and the delivery day, the prices prevailing at the day of delivery shall be applicable.

Availability : Availability of the Organic  vegetables, fruits and greens / spinach ordered by the customer are subject to change  without notice. In case of unavailability, an ordered item may not be delivered or quantity lesser than the ordered quantity. The customer will be charged only for the quantity of item delivered.

Weight : In some cases, due to the size and weight of individual pieces, the weight of delivered may not be exactly the same as the weight ordered. The cost of the item will be appropriated to the delivered weight. For example, if you order 250 gms of cabbage and the delivered vegetable or fruit weighs 270 gms or 240 gms then the billing will be charged only for the weight delivered.

Quality : All best efforts shall be made by organic Tapovana to deliver high quality and fresh vegetables, fruits and greens / spinach. In case the quality of vegetables, fruits and greens / spinach is not good, it has to be reported at the time of delivery. Any disputes on the quality later  will not be accepted.

Delivered Goods : In case of any dispute in the number of items delivered or the quantity of items delivered, it is necessary to report the customer care at the time of delivery. Any disputes on the number of items or quantity of items later will not be accepted.

Cancellation : Any request for order cancellation has to be made at least 6 hours before the scheduled delivery time to the mobile number 9962299398.

Disclaimer : Organic Tapovana  do not provide warranties to any kind either expressed or implied on the items delivered and disclaims all or any of them to the fullest extent.

Courts : Any proceedings arising out of this terms and conditions will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at Vellore.

DELIVERY‚Ķ.Minimum order for home delivery RS : 500