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  • Health Benefits of Kavuni Arisi (Black Rice)
    Black rice holds various health benefits as well.

    Kavuni Rice has anti-inflammatory properties and so is a healing food. It helps reduce inflammation caused by various diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and allergies.
    Kavuni is a naturaldetoxifying agent. It holds phytonutrients that aids in body detoxification.
    The rice is good for live function as it helps remove toxins from the liver and detoxifies it.
    Black rice is a gluten-free grain. For those with gluten allergies and Celiac disease, it is a good alternative.
    It helps fight diabetes as the rice bran contains rich fiber that helps in glucose absorption in the body. It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.
    Black rice helps prevent cancer, and heart diseases. It promotes a healthy heart by reducing LDL, triacylglycerol, and total cholesterol. It is good for body organs such as kidney, stomach, and liver.
    Because of its rich fiber content, black Kavuni rice satiates the appetite and makes you feel fuller for a longer time. When considered with other rice varieties, consuming just one-third of kavuni rice gets you the necessary nutrients and fills the hunger cravings. Thus, it aids weight-loss as well.

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  • The best idlis and dosas are made with the freshest and Organic ingredients. And that’s what we use with absolutely no added preservatives.

    Organic Idly Rice
    Organic Urad dal
    Organic Fenugreek
    RO-purified water
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  • Nutrient Rich Idly/Dosa Batter Mix made out of Organic MilletsIthinai,Samai,Varagu,Kuthiravalli) which is Packed with lot of Health nutrients and excellent choice for healthy Breakfast.

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  • Red rice is a special variety of rice that is red in color. It derives its rich red colour from an antioxidant called anthocyanins.

    This antioxidant is beneficial to reduce symptoms of inflammation, cancer prevention and weight loss management.

    Red rice is generally unhulled or partially hulled rice which has a red husk, rather than the much more common brown.

    Red rice has a nutty flavor, and a high nutritional value, as the germ of the rice is left intact. It is packed with nutrients such as B-vitamins, iron, calcium and zinc.

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